Krsna TibbsMr. Tibbs takes a real interest in his clients and really knows his way around the Jefferson County Court system. He's honest, hardworking, and will do what's right for you. I strongly recommend his services.

- Cameron H.

I had very serious gun charges and the prosecutor was trying to revoke my probation. I was looking at 20 years of prison. I had been in jail for several months and was going to take the plea deal so I could see my children on parole. Mr. Tibbs convinced me to reject their plea offer and go to trial. I am so glad I did go to trial because I was found not guilty of all charges. Thank you Mr. Tibbs.

-A. Jenefor (AKA Lucy Pearl)

I was charged with a murder and robbery that occurred some 8 years ago that I knew nothing about. I was taken from my family and life and sat in jail waiting for my opportunity to go to trial. Tibbs believed in me and my defense and fought hard for me. Tibbs proved I was innocent of all the charges. Tibbs saved my life.

-D. L.