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Custody battles are always challenging, not just on couples but on their kids, too. Even under the most amicable of circumstances, disagreements can arise over how child custody is determined. Recently, a lot of parents who are unmarried have decided to work out their parenting arrangements without legal guidance. When things are going well this works; however, inevitably, these arrangements fall apart and court intervention is needed. As you go to the family court system to determine the future of your kids and your family, it is vital to have a seasoned and dependable attorney there to fight for you.

There are two types of custody in the commonwealth of Kentucky: joint custody and sole custody. Joint custody allows both parents to make decisions for the children regarding the child’s school, health, religion, and welfare. In the case of sole custody, a single custodian becomes the sole decision maker. Kentucky courts used the best interest of the child as the standard to determine custody. If you are seeking sole custody or trying to prevent sole custody, there are many factors that are relevant to determine what the court may award in your particular case. There is no preference given to a mother or a father with regard to deciding parenting times; each party gets equal consideration under Kentucky law.

Our expertise in custody disputes includes parenting and visitation agreements, modification of a parenting schedule, changing previous custody orders by the court, and setting child support based on Kentucky State guidelines, even modifying child support if deemed excessive or abusive by the other parent.

Allow our law office to strategize on your particular case to protect your rights and get you the custody agreement that best suits your child’s needs.

Defending Your Child Custody Rights

In our custody practice, we represent married people who are going through divorce. We also represent unmarried parents who need a custody agreement and a fair division of parenting time.

Creating a parenting plan is one of the first steps in determining custody. The parenting plan should detail each of the following:

  • Where the child will live
  • Where the child will spend holidays and vacations
  • Do the parents make joint decisions or does one parent make decisions solely about the child’s medical, education, and religious upbringing
  • How parents will handle issues such as school, extracurricular activities, vacation time, and more

Parenting plans can be as detailed as the parents wish. Because the child’s needs will change over time, it is good to plan ahead, laying down a foundation of an agreement. Our experienced legal staff will assist you with this and will tailor the parenting plan to your family’s unique needs.

In addition, we will help you with child support agreements. Kentucky’s child support guidelines determine the amount of support a parent pays. We will explain how the guidelines apply to you.

Typically, the court does not deviate much from the formula used to calculate support. If necessary, however, Attorney Tibbs will argue for an amount that is outside the guidelines. His knowledge of Jefferson County’s family court system makes him an invaluable ally in such matters.

Finally, Attorney Tibbs can help with changes to existing parenting plans. Do you have an existing custody agreement or child support order that no longer works for your family? Are you seeking to relocate? We can help you modify the orders. We represent parents seeking or contesting modifications.

We always strive for the best possible legal outcome for our clients, helping them ensure that their rights are upheld and their families are protected.

Contact Us for Your Child Custody Needs

Attorney Krsna Tibbs is well-regarded in the Louisville community, known for both his skill in the courtroom and his personable, friendly approach with clients. He’s passionate about the law but also about families, and one thing he excels at is helping his clients navigate challenging family circumstances.

If you are going through divorce proceedings or custody battles, make sure you have guidance from a skilled child custody lawyer in Louisville. Reach out to Tibbs Law Office today and ask about our services in this area.


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Areas Covered by Tibbs Law’s Child Custody Services

Divorce proceedings can vary from one couple to the next, and so can child custody challenges. The first thing we do at Tibbs Law Office is listen carefully to your wishes and needs, and work to determine the best plan of legal defense.

Our services can accompany a range of issues related to parenting time—among them:

  • Child support
  • Sharing of parental decisions
  • Visitations/supervision
  • Moving and relocation
  • Split of parenting time

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