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When a couple decides to divorce an important part of the dissolution of the marriage that will need to be discussed is the matter of alimony. Also known as “maintenance,” alimony can be awarded to either party regardless of gender, and either permanently or for an agreed-upon amount of time. It allows a former spouse to experience a living style that is not drastically worsened due to the divorce. The financial circumstances of both spouses will be taken into consideration.

There are two conditions you must meet in order for a judge to award you alimony. The first is that you must be unable to maintain employment that sufficiently covers your basic expenses. If you are not self-supporting, and if after the property with your former spouse is divided up you are left with nothing or too little to sustain yourself, then you may be eligible for alimony. The second condition is that you have a child and cannot seek employment outside of the home.

Several factors will be used to calculate how much alimony is to be paid. These factors include each spouse’s current income or ability to earn an income, how long the marriage lasted, Kentucky state laws, the standard of living while the couple was married and how long it will take the financially dependent spouse to become financially independent. Additionally, the spouse’s age, mental condition, and sometimes the reason for the divorce can also play a role in determining how much is paid out. The judge will also look at the amount of debt and property that was owned between the couple.

Permanent Maintenance

This is alimony that is paid for the rest of your life, or at least until retirement age. This type is rarer these days but was more commonly awarded decades ago.

Temporary Maintenance

This is when alimony is being paid out only while the divorce is still pending. Once the marriage has officially ended, the payments will also end. This is to help ease the financial burden of the spouse who will be financially disadvantaged because of the divorce.

Rehabilitation Maintenance

This is a type of alimony that is paid for a period of time to allow for the spouse who earns a lower income is able to become financially stable. If you made significant sacrifices for the marriage that affected your ability to earn money, such as staying at home to raise kids instead of further your career, then the judge may consider this.

In the meantime, the dependent spouse must be actively trying to find employment or other means of becoming self-sufficient. Rehabilitative maintenance is not meant to be something that a dependent spouse is on permanently. Therefore, if you are the recipient of rehabilitative maintenance, this would be an ideal time to use that alimony to pay for school or other work training.

Why You Should Hire An Alimony Lawyer

As society has changed, so have alimony laws. Decades ago divorce meant that a woman lost a significant income and would have to survive with limited job options. Now the courts make decisions with fewer assumptions based on gender or type of profession. A spouse of either gender can pay alimony to the other, and the spouse with the lower income may not have to pay. You should hire an alimony lawyer to represent you and to negotiate your alimony amount. You should also hire an alimony attorney if you seek to change the amount.

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